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Autumn Term

This term our theme is ‘My, how things have changed” We are looing at how things have changed over time and are looking forward to a trip to Lincoln castle where we will be looking at what it was like to be a knight in the past. We have already been sharing our homework projects with one another all about the knights trail.

We are also looking at how homes have changed from when our great grandparents were little and how toys have changed too. For more information about our learning, have a look at our mindmap for this term.

Spring Term

This term we are looking at “Whatever the Weather”. We have explored weather in different parts of the world and made comparisons. In science week we are learning all about animals, their body parts and we will be investigating scientific questions such as does the tallest person run the fastest.

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Summer Term

This term Year 1 we will be looking at the Artist Andy Warhol, with our theme title being: Let’s Go Retro. We are hoping to celebrate some classic books, art, music and poems over the coming weeks.  We will be looking at our Artist and his work and recreating it through screen printing and talking about why or why not we like it. In Science we will continue to look at seasonal changes with a focus on naming and observing how plants grow.

In our Music lessons we will be looking at the “Hoedown” by Aaron Copland and imitating his ostinato using tuned and untuned percussion instruments.  Through our PE skills we will be developing games and practising for sports day.

Let’s Go Retro Mindmap






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