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Foundation Stage September 2018

Welcome to our webpage for children starting school next September.
We have lots of opportunities for the children to visit school throughout the year to aid their transition into school. If your child attends one of the pre-schools in the village, information will be passed to you through the pre-school. If your child does not attend a village pre-school, please contact us and we will ensure that all the relevant details of event are emailed to you.

Open days-

Tuesday 19th September 2017 – 9.30am-12pm or 1.45pm -3.00pm

Tuesday 10th October 2017- 1.45pm -3.00pm or 5.00pm -7.00pm

Tuesday 9th January-2018 – 9.30am-12pm or 1.45pm -3.00pm

Discovery Days-

Discovery Days are aimed at children who are starting school in September 2018. They give the children opportunities to visit our Foundation Stage unit with their pre-school and work alongside our current Foundation Stage children. If your child does not attend one of the local pre-schools, please do get in touch with us as we run a parent/carer session 2.30-3.30pm on the day for those not able to attend with our pre-schools. Foundation Stage teachers and pre-school leaders work together to plan some exciting activities for all the children to share in together.

Monday 2nd October

Monday 6th November

Monday 8th January

Monday 5th February

Monday 5th March

Monday 23rd April

Bright Start Club for pre-schoolers

Thursday 19th April

Thursday 26th April

Thursday 3rd May

Thursday 10th May

Thursday 17th May

Thursday 24th May

Thursday 7th June


We hope that by introducing the children to the school, the environment and the types of activities that they will be involved in when they start school in September, it will aid the children’s transition to school and help them to settle quickly.

We know that starting school can be daunting for both children and parents. At St. Mary’s we know that a happy child is a child who is ready to learn and thrive.

The club will help the children to familiarise themselves with the setting, understand some of the routines that they will be engaged in in school, and practise some of the early skills that children will build upon once in school.


At Bright Start, there are a range of practical, play based activities for the children to explore. The activities will be planned around the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Initially, if as parents/ carers, you would like to stay to ensure that your child is happy, confident and settled, you are most welcome. We envisage that as time progresses that you can leave your children with us for the duration. As this is a special time for pre-schoolers, we do ask that you make alternative arrangements for siblings and that they do not attend.

If your child has any medical needs that we need to be aware of please let us know. If you would like further information, please do contact us


New parents meetings 

Monday 14th May 2018 6pm

This is a time for parents and carers to meet with us and find out a little more about the way that the children will be working in Foundation Stage. We will give you more information about ‘Life in Foundation Stage’ and talk about the curriculum, our school day and our expectations and aims. We will also have a FAQ box for you to add any questions you may have. We will answer these questions at our following meeting in June as it is important to us that parents feel fully supported as everyone starts their learning journey with us at Welton.


Wednesday 13th June 2018 6pm

At this meeting, we will be answering any questions from the previous meeting and providing advice about school lunches, uniform and things that you can do over summer to prepare your child for starting school in September.

Uniform Direct will be at the event and will be selling items of our school uniform. Please bring cash, card, or your cheque book and cheque guarantee card to make any purchases. Don’t worry- the children will not need to wear school uniform on their visits before September so if you want to wait to buy uniform closer to September, then please do.

Good Lookin Cookin will also be at the event offering samples of the kinds of foods the children will be enjoying for their school dinners in September – so don’t eat too much before you arrive!

Packs will be given out at this meeting containing general information and details about which class your child will be joining in September. There will also be the opportunity on the evening for you to make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher on a 1:1 basis later in the term.

Transition Dates for New starters.

Tuesday 26th June Stay & Play

(Optional session for those who have not attended Discovery Days or Bright Start)

Stay and Play is a session for parents and children to come to school and experience Foundation Stage, see the indoor and outdoor learning areas and to share some of the sorts of games and activities that they will experience when they first start school. This session will be similar to the Bright Start club. If you would like to attend Stay and Play to familiarise yourself and your child further with the environment please contact us.

Moving up Days- Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July- we would like to invite all the children starting at Welton St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy to join us for half a day. Due to the numbers who will be joining us in September, half the children will be invited in the morning and half in the afternoon. Information as to which session your child will be invited to attend will be given at the new parents meeting on 13th June. Once classes have been allocated, your child will spend the session getting to know their class teacher and the other children who will be in their class.

Parent/Teacher meetings- Week beginning Monday 9th July

Following on from the success of previous years, we would like to invite parents and carers to meet with their child’s class teacher, before they start school, on a 1:1 basis. This will give you the opportunity to tell us all about your child’s interests, ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have. Please sign up for a time that is convenient to you at the new parent’s evening.

Miss Maddox (Early Years Foundation Stage Leader) will be visiting pre-school settings to see the children and talk with the pre-school staff over the course of this term.

School starts on Tuesday 4th September. Children in Foundation Stage will be starting full time from this date.

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