Our Achievements

Schools Sporting Competitions

Mini tennis  –  Won County finals

Year 1 children attended Change for Life sports festival

Roll of Honour


Spring Term 2018

Charlie C  –  25m swimming certificate

Henry H  –  stage 3 swimming certificate

Chase L  –  25m swimming certificate

Lily W  –  stage 6 swimming certificate

Lucas T  –  stage 2 swimming certificate

Charlie W  –  level 3 swimming certificate

Grace S  –  10m & stage 3 swimming certificate

Chloe B  –  Learn to swim 1, certificate

Flynn T  –  Stanley 1 swimming award

James C  –  Learn to swim 1, certificate

Harry C  –  5m swimming award

Josh C  –  Stanley 4 swimming award

Grace T  –  Stanley 3 swimming award

Hettie B  –  Stanley 3 swimming award

Darcie B  –  50m swimming award

Lyla M  –  10m swimming award

Chloe O  –  10m swimming certificate

Alexia H  –  Stanley 2 swimming certificate

Grace S  –  5m swimming certificate

Henry H  –  learn to swim 2

Oakley J  –  learn to swim 4

Megan B  –  50m club champion

Niamh H, Oszwin C, Oszco C, Peter O & Alexis L  –  Stanley 4 swimming certificate

Autumn Term 2017

Chloe B  –  2 & 3 duckling award

Lily W  –  1 mile swimming certificate

Charlie C  –  Learn to swim grade 3

Amelia W  –  stage 6 & 1 mile certificate

Lola –  Duckling award

Sam C  –  800m swimming certificate

Freya C  –  stage 2 certificate

Scarlett M  –  level 2 swimming certificate

James C  –  5m swimming certificate

Elizabeth F  –  learn to swim 6

James T  –  400m swimming certificate

Holly F  –  swim 6 certificate

Jessica C  –  50m swimming certificate

Layla R  –  Octopus 2 swimming certificate

Stanley C  –  Active award swimming

Charlie W  –  10m swimming certificate

Tom O  –  10m swimming certificate

Violet  –  swimming level 1

Evie D –  25m swimming certificate

Lily D  –  25m swimming certificate

Tom O  –  5m swimming certificate

Ellie S  –  personal survival Level 2 swimming

Natalie S  –  200m swimming

Lola-Louise A  –  Award 1 duckling award swimming

Elizabeth F  –  100m & silver award swimming

Summer Term 2017

Zach F  –  Swimming race medals

Rachel G  –  Stage 8 swimming certificate

Amelia W  –  Stage 8 swimming certificate

Lily W  –  1500m swimming certificate

Freya C  –  100m swimming certificate

James T  –  5m & 10m swimming certificate, stage 1 & 2 swimming certificate

Max C  –  800m swimming certificate

Sydney F  –  Stage 9 swimming certificate

Lola B  –  1st place breaststroke swimming gala & stage 6 certificate

Max B  –  800m swimming certificate

Sophie M  –  400m & stage 3 swimming certificate

isobel C  – 1500m swimming certificate

Oscar S  –  100m swimming certificate

Morgan B  –  swimming gala medals

Bethan B  –  swimming gala, 1st in all races

Amelia  –  swimming gala, 1st & 2nd in races

Charlie W  –  Swimming determination award

Harrish  –  Swimming respect award

Charlie C  –  10m swimming certificate

Chloe B  –  Duckling 1 award swimming

Charlie T  –  20m swimming certificate

Oszco C  –  Stanley 1 swimming certificate

Lily S  –  200m learn to swim 4 certificate

Alicia J  –  swimming certificate

Oliver J  –  Swimming certificate

Gilbert E  –  Rocky lifeguard award

Ella S  – 50m learn to swim 4 certificate

Natalie S  –  personal survival certificate

Oswin C  –  swimming certificate

Beatrice B  –  Stage 6 swimming certificate

Cyrus S – Stanley 7 award and 25m swimming

Sophie M  –  Stage 10 swimming certificate

Niamh H  –  5m swimming certificate

Noah L  –  Grade 6 & 25m swimming certificate

Evie C  –  Level 6 swimming certificate

Scarlett  –  Goldfish 2 & 3 certificate

Charlie B  –  Level 3 swimming certificate

Caitlyn B  –  400m swimming certificate

Charlie C  –  Level 2 swimming certificate

Finlay F  –  25m swimming certificate

Emily I  –  Grade 3 swimming certificate

Hettie B  –  Grade 2 swimming certificate

Darcey B  –  Goldfish 1 & 25m swimming certificate

Jacob C-M  –  Grade 3 & 5m swimming certificate

Emily C-M  –  Level 4 swimming certificate

Sophie D  –  Stage 4 swimming certificate

Hannah M  –  5m swimming certificate

Beatrice B  –  400m swimming certificate

Ella S  –  stage 7 swimming

Millie L  –  10m & 25m swimming certificate

Chase L  –  10m swimming certificate

Jessica C  –  determination award

Morgan B  –  2000m swimming certificate

Lola M  –  800m swimming certificate

Alfie M –  300m swimming certificate

Tom O –  stage 1 award

Sophie M  –  2000m certificate

Charlie W  –  award 1& 2, grade 3 & 5m, stage 1 & 2 swimming

Bethan  –  5000m swimming certificate


Spring Term 2018

Scarlett S  –  Judo, red belt rumble bronze

Tom L  –  Judo medal

Lucas H –  Kickboxing certificate

Pavel K  –  Karate, Student of the Year

Scarlett S  –  Judo 1st Mon

Tom L  – Judo red belt, first Mon, merit award

Summer Term 2017

Scarlett C  –  recognition at training session

Pawel K  –  !st place individual Quatta and karate 2nd place and taking part certidicate

Tom L  –  Spirit of Judo certificate

Finlay F  –  Judo award of the week

Aidan J, Darcey B, Hayley L, Cameron B, Megan B, Scarlett S, Harry W, Jacob C, Kieron  –  Medals at Judo competition

Jack M  –  Judo competition, silver & 2 bronze

Harry W  –  Judo bronze award


Music awards have been received by the following children…

Spring Term 2018

Niamh H  –  30 days of playing the piano

Olli W  –  singing, grade 1 – pass

Jack H  –  grade 1 drum certificate

Autumn Term 2017

Yee Yan  –  Grade 3 violin

Summer Term 2017

Like U  –  Level 1, drums

Jack H  –  Grade 1 piano

Darcey S  – Grade 1 piano


Spring Term 2018

Charlie C  –  Man of the Match award

Oliver C  –  Football Team champions, sportsmanship trophy

Finlay F  –  Welton Bombers, manager players trophy

Chase L  –  Football player of the week

Jackson S  –  Football Man of the Match

Lewis S  –  Football trophy, best pass of the day

Frank B  –  Man of the Match trophy

Harry B  –  MSP medal, most goals scored

Oakley J –  Football star player trophy

Noah L  –  scored 1st 2 goals of the season, trophy

Autumn Term 2017

Archie M  –  Football, soccer tots player of the week

Rufus  –  mini kicker of the week trophy

Chase L  –  Under 7 man of the match trophy & medal for playing well in match

Oakley J  –  Managers Player of the week

Tom O  –  Football, Man of the Match

Chase L  –  Kick star player, goal scorer

Sam C  –  Man of the match, Welton Concords

Lewis S  –  passing skills, football

Jackson S  –  Managers player, man of the match, Welton Bombers

Harry C  –  passing & defending certificate

Finlay F  –  managers player certificate

Tom O  –  managers player certificate

Oscar  –  most improved player

Harrish  –  mini kicker of the week

Stanley  –  Soccer Tots player of the week trophy

Jackson S  –  football managers player certificate

Tom O & Lewis S  –  Mascots at Lincoln City football match

Chase L  –  Man of the match medal

Josh C  –  MSP star player

Alfie T  –  Player of the week football

Ben  –  Man of the match

Summer Term 2017

Isaac F  –  4 football medals

Jackson S, Oakley J, Finlay F, George C, Lucas T & Lewis S  –  Welton FC tournament medals

Harry C, George C, George N, Freddie M, Sam C  –  Football tournament medals

Oliver C  –  Best tactical player trophy

George N  –  Football photo from tournament

Jackson S, Finlay M, Lewis S, Tom O, Thomas F, Finlay F, Oakley J & Sam C  –  Hykeham Tigers 6 aside tournament, Greenbank tournament silver, Welton U6 team

Lucas H  –  Soccor Tots, player of the week trophy

Freddie M  –  LCFC holiday club certificate

Finlay F, Oakley, Lewis S, Jackson S, Freddie M, William B, Josh C, George N, George C, Tom O, Lewis S & Lucas T  – Football tournament winners

Lewis W, Finlay M, Thomas F  –  Under 9 plate at Greenbank football, trophy & plate

Kieran S  –  U10 defender & right winger football trophy

Thomas F –  football medal

Euan G  –  Soccer Tots player of the week, trophy

George N, Lucas T, Jackson S, Josh C, Harry C, Freddie M, Thomas O, George C, Oakley J, Finlay F, Lewis S, Dillan J, Lewis J  –  Football medals

Dillon J  –  Under 11 clubman of the year

Lewis W  –  top goalkeeper for 2016/17

Freddie M  –  Football  U6 medal

Josh C  –  Football U6 medal

George C  –  Football U6 medal

Harvey S  –  Football U12 tournament

Kayden R  –  Man of the Match


Spring Term 2018

Euan L  –  Rugby trophy for playing well

Autumn Term 2017

Harry Q  –  rugby certificate

Euan  –  U9 Rugby player of the week, trophy

Morgan B  –  rugby certificate

Summer Term 2017

Euan L –  Trophy for U8 teamwork Lincoln Rugby

Euan L, Megan B, Oliver E  –  Participated in Under 12 Rugby tournament

Oliver C  –  Football award

Freddie M  –  LCFC holiday club certificate & star of the day


Spring Term 2018

Lola S  –  Gymnastics, trampoline certificate

Millie L  –  Gym level 3, float swings on bars certificate

Chase L  –  Gym shoulder stand & bridge certificate

Millie L- listening all session & working well

Millie L  –  Gymnastics level 7

Chase L  –  Gymnastics level 4

Natalie S  –  level 6 gymnastics

Millie  –  Gym, bars certificate

Autumn Term 2017

Sophie H  –  Gymnastics backward roll certificate

Chase L  –  Body tension in jumps certificate

Isobel  –  proficiency 2 gymnastics

Millie L –  strength in bars certificate

Morgan B  –  Level 2 Gymnastics, proficiency award & improvement in front somersault

Chase L  –  level 5 gymnastics certificate

Millie L  –  level 8 gymnastics certificate

Maddie  –  !st place gymnastics regional comp.

Noah B  –  Gymnastics level 8

Holly C  –  Level 1 gymnastics

Summer Term 2017

Ophelia  –  Gymnastics, 1st beam, 2nd vault, 3rd overall girl certificates

Armani C  –  Floor work gymnastics

Hermione H  –  Gymnastics competition certificate

Natalie S  –  level 7 gymnastics award

Megan B  –  Advance vault & silver floor certificate

Cameron B  –  Level 2 gymnastics award

Darcey B  –  Level 8 gymnastics award

Isabelle C  –  Stage 5 gymnastics certificate

Holly C –  Gymnastics 4th Barre, 3rd vault competition

Maddy F-R, National roses competition, bronze – trampet floor, silver – bars

Millie L  –  2nd beam completion

Niamh J  – gold – beam, 4th trampet

Isla W  –  Gymnastics, hopscotch certificate

Daisy M  –  level 6 gymnastics

Faith W  –  gymnastics level 6 & 7

Isabelle C  –  gymnastics level 6

Holly C  –  Level 2 gymnastics

Millie L  –  Level 7 gymnastics


Spring Term 2018

Shannon B  –  National purple award for dance

Niamh H  –  dance, entry level award with distinction

Amelia B  –  Tap dance award & Ballet rosette

Amelia C  –  Ballet & Tap, prelim grade

Daisy M  –  Ballet & Tap, prelim grade

Autumn Term 2017

Niamh H  –  Tap, Distinction

Layla E  – Ballet & Tap, Preliminary level 1

Beatrice B  –  Dance certificate & achievement award

Summer Term 2017

Freya C  – Tooth fairy show ballet dance medal

Flynne F  –  Dancing merit


Spring Term 2018

Mollie C  –  Team challenge, won all 7 matches & selected for tennis team

Autumn Term 2017

Ruby C  –  David Lloyd national trophy

Mollie C  championship award medal

Mollie C  –  tennis all stars, green regional champion winner

Ruby C  –  tennis all stars, red regional champion winner

Lily W  –  David Lloyd, All Stars Award

Morgan B  –  Regional competition, greenball

Mollie C  –  Runner up in final of Mixed girl & boy tennis tournament

Ruby C  –  Lincolnshire junior tennis champion u9 & u10


Natasha C  –  Narrative prose section of Lincoln Music & Drama festival, 1st place certificate

Natasha C  –  Drama exam acting solo – distinction

Jessica C  –  Star of the term for part in Adams familyKatie M  –  participated in Beauty and the Beast pantomime

Natasha C  –   Drama certificate & trophy

Freya C  –  Performing arts Saturday school junior award


Summer Term 2017

Congratulations to the following children for their commitment to cross country over the past year.

Niamh S, Niamh J, Harvey S, Mary G, Marcey T, Alfie M, Jude J, Bethan B, Ben M, Amy G, Kieran S, Emma F, Fleur W and Jack H

Well done!!


Jasmin J & Noah L  –  took part in world maths day and received prizes for a number apron and a mad hatter number hat

Primary Maths Challenge

Congratulations to the following children on taking part in  Primary Maths Challenge…

Isaac T-W, Fenn W & Harvey M  –  Silver award

Daniel W, Daniel C, Rhys C & Toby E  –  Bronze award

Also taking part were…

Harry H, Tristan, Lucy W, William D, Charlotte M, Catherine B, Niamh S, Lily F, Daisy S, Faith H, Isla M, Naia U, Megan, Ela-Lenka, Khloe D, Max G, Leanne O, Mathew J & Laura D


Well done to all who completed the 5 week Bushcraft course held at Whisby Education Centre:

Ben O, Tyler S, Jack O, Paige K, Molly J, Jack J-H, Kieran T, Luke P, Rosie C, Jessica C, Scarlett F, Ben O, Mrs Lally, Mrs Gough and Mr Garfoot.

well done

 Congratulations and a BIG well done to the following children…

Spring Term 2018

Maddie S  –  Rainbows help for meeting certificate

Alfie T  –  MSP Kick pro-star player

Dr Smith, Chair of Governors  –  Leadership development programme certificate

Lauren H, Robin D, Alex J, Emma F, Marcie T, Ruby C, Sydney F, Oliver J & Beatrice B –  Digital Leaders- completed training for keeping safe on line

Euan L –  Cubs, cup of the month for bravery

Millie L –  Brownie badge

Callum T  – Lego completion, won a Lego man & 2nd place for modal making

Frank B  –  Race at your pace – 10 miles medal

Lucas H  –  MSP, listening to coach trophy

Millie B  – Tidying up medal from Brownies

Ella S  – 2nd badge at Brownies

Daisy M –  Letter from Queen, thanking her for letter and pictutre

Amelia  –  Big sister award

Elizabeth F  –  celebrate wildlife award

Libby B  –  Brownie ‘Sixer’

Lara K  –  Brownie ‘seconder’

Harry B  –  Beavers, great tidy up & Santa run

Mr Durkan, Mrs Harkness & Miss Done  –  Awarded SLE status (Specialist Leader in Education)

Rufus  –  The Mummy run, 1 mile jog medal

Tyler S  – Beaver award, Beaver of the week for tidying up

Autumn Term 2017

Ella & Natalie S  –  took part in Adam’s Family at the Drill Hall

Abigail B  –  Rainbow promise certificate

Joshua M-O  –  White belt, Kick boxing

Harry M  –  White belt, Kick boxing

Lilli-Rose  –  Rosette for riding a horse as fast as she could, cancer research medal

Scarlet  –  cub of the month, trophy and bear

Natalie S  –  certificate for wearing eye patch

Maddie S  –  Running medal

Ella S  –  Knights trail certificate

Evelyn & Charlie B  –  summer reading challenge

Charlie B  –  National Trust summer of sport certificate

Theo B  –  French certificate

Thomas F  –  Tri kids triathlon certificate

Cyrus  –  5K walk JDRF and Nettleham garden association medal for monster made from fruit & veg

Aiden J  –  5k run on inflatables

Amanda C & Ellen C  –  5k bubble run

Sydney F  –  Clear round show jumping

Abigail B, Harry C, Sydney F, Noah L, Amanda C, Ben O, Ellen O, Harry B  –  Knights trail certificates

Summer Term 2017

Jude J  –  Education award sport, won overall award trophy

Nathalie & Ellla S  –  Acting certificate

Charlie B  –  Beaver of the week

Emily I  –  Fun run medal

Beatrice B  –  PGL certificate

Lily D & Evie D  –  knights trail certificate

Alfie M  –  Squash U11 winner

Oszco C, Oswin C, Max B, Lola B  –  Knights trail certificate

Millie B  –  extra learning at home

Freddie M  –  Athletics medal

Charlie W & Macie A  –  Flying a vulture at Lincolnshire show

Amelia W  –  Knights trail & Brownie promise certificate

Millie L  –  Brownies, Tidied up teddy

Chase L  –  Beavers, Good listener award

Harry B  –  Climbed Waltham windmill certificate

Beatrice B  –  Pink pig farm explorer

Alfie M, Marcey P, Harry M, Euan  –  Year 3 athletics relay team

Athletics team  –  Ruby C – Sprint, Monty K – Sprint, Charlie – Shot putt

Cyrus S  –  Junior golf passport certificate

Thomas F  –  colour dash medal

Elizabeth F  –  Knights trail certificate

Niamh H  –  chorister for the day

Maddy, Amelia W, Evie H, Tom L, Thomas F, Scarlett C, Emily C-M, Ellen C  –  colour dash medals

Chloe S  –  Brownie promise

Sophie D  –  Healthy eating certificate from Tesco eat happy team

Thomas & Will B  –  Conquered treetops & escape certificate

Harvey S  –  Badminton stage 4, gold medal

Well done to our cross country team who ran at Nettleham Rugby Club

Oliver J  –  Cub of the month

Fleur W  –  cross country silver medal

Sophie M  star of UK horse riding

Evie & Lily W  –  military mud run

Thomas F  – Du-athalon, canoe in top 10

Connor S  –  Acting, animal in Madagascar

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