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Autumn Term 2018 This term we are looking ‘Whatever the weather’.we will be thinking about the weather in different countries, talking about different countries and what clothes you wear for the different seasons. Through our science work we will be looking at seasonal changes and talking about the seasons and what happens in each one. In English we will be listening to weather stories and getting ready to perform our own weather forecasts. Thinking about what makes a good writer and applying this in our sentences and writing. Through our maths learning we will be looking for cross curricular links with other subjects and learning numbers to 20 and number bonds. PE this term will be dance responding to music and making up sequences with our peers and individually.

It’s going to be a busy and exciting term as we build up to the Christmas celebrations.


Spring Term 2019
This term in the bee class we are looking at significant people and what a difference they made. We will be finding out about Captain Scott, Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs and Christopher Columbus. Through our and history work we will be acting out significant events and using clues to solve mysteries about who they are. We will be asking thought provoking questions like: Should Captain Scott have travelled to the Antarctic? What would have happened in Florence Nightingale hadn’t gone to the Crimean War? Through drama and English we will be thinking about writing poems, diary entries and writing stories based on the knowledge we have learnt. It’s going to be a very exciting term, keep your eyes peeled to Twitter for regular updates. For more information about what we are learning, please click on our mindmap below.  
Summer Term 2019
This term we will be focussing on “The Arts” and studying the artist Van Gogh. We are looking forward to using his works to inspire our own drawing  and painting. We are also excited to be working with a mud artist and creating our own mud sculptures. We will be engaged in lots of cross curricular work too and learning all about different plants and trees in science, alongside our sunflowers of course. We again will be sharing stories and creating our own as well as looking at a variety of non-fiction texts.
Follow us on twitter and facebook to see all of the updates for this term. It promises to be a busy, creative one!