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Easter Book of the Month for all ages to read and listen to: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What an absolute classic! Surely there’s no better time to read or listen to this fabulous story, all about chocolate, than now. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 1964 children’s novel by British author Roald Dahl. The story features the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka. Grab your golden ticket and dive inside a different world whilst eating your eggs and feel the magic. I wonder what kind of interesting characters you’ll meet along the way. What will happen to them? Will any lessons be learned? Let’s open the book and see…

Key Stage 1 Book of the Month: The Giving Tree

If ever there was a book that linked to our school values, it’s the giving tree.

This month’s KS1 recommendation (which you can find in the Library or in Mr Barton’s classroom – he’s happy to share) is a story about a little boy whose best friend is a tree. They do everything together. As the boy gets older, he visits the tree less and less but takes more and more from it. No matter how much the boy takes, the tree is always there when the boy needs him, even if it is just a stump…

Although this book was first published in 1964, it is an absolute classic that is still enjoyed by children everywhere today.

Key Stage 2 Book of the Month: The Boy at the Back of the Class

Each month in our school newsletter, we will be recommending a book for our children to read. This month’s KS2 recommendation (which you can find in our new school library) is a story about how one ordinary nine-year-old child and three classmates are full of empathy for Ahmet, a boy that comes to their school as a refugee from Syria (he is the boy at the back of the class).

Through their sensitivity, curiosity, ingenuity, bravery and kindness, they make a massive impact on Ahmet’s life, friends, class, school, community and wider world. It helps us understand the importance of not judging people before you know them.

Told with heart and humour, it is a book that will help children think about what it is to be a good person whatever your circumstances and challenge prejudice and push for fairness, whenever possible.

It is an excellent choice for those that have enjoyed the book ‘Wonder’ and one not only for children, but for adults too!


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