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Our theme for this term is “Whatever the Weather”. We will be looking at the different seasons of the year and how the weather changes through the seasons. We are hoping for sunshine in our first half term so that we can enjoy our outdoor learning whilst it’s still warm and dry!
Spring Term 2019
This term in butterfly class we are looking at significant people and what a difference they made to our world today. We will be finding out about Captain Scott, Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs and Christopher Columbus. Through our history work we will be acting out significant life changing events and using clues to solve mysteries about people from the past. We will be asking thought provoking questions like: Should Captain Scott have travelled to the Antarctic? What would have happened in Florence Nightingale hadn’t gone to the Crimean War and made changes in the hospitals? Through drama and English we will be thinking about writing poems, diary entries and writing stories based on the knowledge we have learnt. It’s going to be a very exciting term. Follow us on facebook and twitter to find out more about what we are doing each week. For more information about what we are learning, please click on our mindmap below.