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Christmas Wishes

The children in Year One have been thinking about people who need our support during this difficult time of covid. In our history curriculum, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and talking about her impact on our world today.

Florence has taught us about how important it is to keep hospitals clean, light and airy. She taught other nurses how to clean and make the beds properly.

Emily K

New hospitals have been built to help look after patients who have the corona virus. They are called Nightingale hospitals.


We wanted to show how much we appreciate the work that doctors and nurses are doing at the moment and also send Christmas wishes to patients who are in hospital.

What the children said about why our card making is important to others

People will be sad that they have to stay in hospital and can’t go home


It will help to make people happy at the hospital as they can’t go home.


How this links with our school values

Sending cards will help the patients feel better and happier and it will help to make the nurses smile.- Roman

We have taken care with our work- Nora

We hope that our wishes bring peace to the patients- Esme

Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

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