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Enterprise encourages a “can do” attitude while giving young people more control over their own learning and the environment in which it takes place.

As an Enterprising school we think about how we teach and about young people learning how to learn and where all members of the school aim to be enterprising and innovative as part of a whole school ethos.

Enterprise activities generate purposeful, active behaviour that can take place in a wide range of contexts. Enterprise involves making things happen, having ideas and doing something with them, taking advantage of the opportunity presented and bringing about change.

At Welton St Mary’s Primary School we seek to foster these attributes.

Parents, school and businesses all have a vital role in helping and supporting children’s learning. Enterprise is about giving individuals a belief in their own abilities and the skills they need to succeed in whatever they choose.

Enterprise also supports the national curriculum for PSHE in regards to the aspects of reflecting on and evaluating their achievements and strengths in different areas of their lives, talking about opinions, and explaining their views in issues that affect them in society, knowing qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability,  knowing and explaining a range of financial terms and products and describe different ways to manage their money and personal finances and understanding risks in both positive and negative terms.

Because a successful Enterprise project meets the needs of real customers, the activities undertaken are seen by pupils to meet a clear purpose. The pupils will take responsibility for their enterprise project or activities and any success will be both meaningful and earned. This in turn will serve to enhance pupils’ attainment and self regard. It will contribute to pupils achieving their full worth and potential and beginning to recognise their place in society and the world of employment.

Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

Tel: 01673 860339