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Foundation Stage

Autumn Term

The children have settled brilliantly into school life and we are so excited about the year ahead. This term we will be covering several different topics based on what we know about the children’s interests so far. These include, Weather and Seasons, Floating and Sinking, Materials, Animals and Pets. We will be introducing these topics and revisiting them throughout the year so the children can build on their learning.  The children have already enjoyed carrying out role play in our Pet Shop and sharing stories with their new friends in our Fairytale Reading Castles.

We are also going to be focusing on Life Skills and aiming to increase the children’s independence by teaching them about dressing independently, First Aid and how to be a good listener and a responsible friend.


Foundation Stage had a great day learning all about the festival of Diwali in a joint children and parent workshop



Spring Term

This term we are going to be exploring some new topics in addition to revisiting and building on topics we have already learnt about.  During our Life Skills sessions, we are going thinking about what we should do if we get lost, Stranger Danger, manners, friendship and basic First Aid. We are looking forward to reading focus books this term which will enhance our learning and vocabulary. These stories include, ‘Whatever Next’, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

The children have already been exploring and learning in their new Campsite areas in the classrooms. We have seen some fantastic Communication and Language skills linked to exploring the outdoors.

We are ready for another exciting term! 

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