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FS Art Project

The following tasks create an art learning journey for your child to experience whilst at home. Please can you photograph the tasks and post them on Tapestry, on Twitter or send them via email. We would love to see your fantastic art creations and we hope you enjoy the art process! 

Georges Seurat – Pointillism

Task 1 Finding out about the Artist

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more information about George Seurat and the pointillism technique.

Georges Seurat – Pointilism

Create a mini biography. The writing frame below might help you to set out your ideas but feel free to present the information in any way you wish (e.g spider diagram). Please encourage children to use their phonics flashcards and High Frequency word mat for support with spelling.


Task 2 Exploring his work

Have a look at the 3 paintings below










Can you answer the following questions?

  • What medium (resources/ art tools) do you think were used to create them?
  • What colours did he use?
  • Why do you think he made the painting? How did he feel?
  • What do you think to the paintings? Which is your favourite? Why?
  • Which is your least favourite? Why?

 Your child does not need to write their answers down on paper.

Task 3 Exploring colour

Georges Seurat uses lots of different colours in his paintings, but how does he make all those colours?

We have 3 main colours called primary colours. These are;




We can also add black paint to make the colour darker or white paint to make the colour lighter.

Can you explore the three primary colours by mixing them together to create new colours. You can either use the sheet provided or a blank piece of paper and show the colour mixing in your own way.

Feel free to make as many new colours as you can! Be careful to only use a little bit of paint at a time so you do not waste it 

Task 4 – Pointillism Technique

Georges Seurat used the pointillism (dotting) technique when creating his paintings, but what did he use to create the dots?

Can you try the following objects to practise the technique on a plain piece of paper and answer these two questions;

Which object makes the best dots and why?

Which object was the worst at making the dots and why?

  • Paintbrush
  • Cotton bud
  • End of a pencil
  • End of a paperclip
  • Straw
  • Sponge (break a bit off)

Can you think of any others that might work?

You will need to decide on which art tool you are going to use ready for your next task.

Task 5 – skills practise

On some paper or card, can you practise creating shapes or lines using both the new pointillism technique and different colours. See the examples below for you to copy or use as a starting point.





Task 6- Final piece

Can you recreate ‘The Eiffel Tower’ by Georges Seurat using your new skills on a plain piece of paper or card.


Task 7 Evaluation

Evaluate your work.

Can you write about the following-

What did you like about your piece?

What went well?

What didn’t go as you had planned?

If you were to try this task again, what would you do differently?

Task 8 – Innovation

Have a go at creating a different piece of Georges Seurat’s artwork – one that has inspired you


Could you use the skills you have learnt and create your own pointillism piece of art work?

Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

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