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Harvest Festival 2020

This morning we held our Harvest Festival, led by Rev Jane. It was a time to stop, reflect and to thank God for our beautiful world, the seasons, the animals, our food and everyone who contributes to getting food to our plates.  There were contributions from Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 who had produced some great artwork.  Rev Jane, Rev Adam, Mrs Grinham (our Bishop’s Visitor) and Mrs Nicolson (our Collective Worship lead) retold the story of Feeding the Five Thousand, helping us to recognise the generosity of the little boy who shared his lunch and how our school community have been generous today in the donations that have been given. Rev Jane shared with the children where the donations will be going – the Lincoln Larder- to help the children understand where the food goes and the difference that it will be making. Rev Jane also shared pictures of our church – St Mary’s- and the food larder that is there helping families in Welton in times of need.

The Welton Food Bank is open for donations each Thursday from 1- 1.30pm and is open to families from 1.30pm – 3pm.

Please have a read of the prayer written by our Collective Worship Council, the words incredibly moving. Thank you to the Collective Worship Council for your inspiring and thoughtful words.

Dear Father God,

Thank you for the beauty of your creation. Thank you for the rain that waters our fields and flowers. And thank you for the sunshine that makes everything grow.

Thank you for the blue skies that makes our hearts glad and thank you for the grey ones that make us stay indoors and snuggle up. Thank you for the colours of nature and for the various seasons so that we can enjoy a variety of fruits and veg.

Thank you for the air that we breathe and for the trees that clean our air every morning. Thank you for the stars at night that make us wonder at the beauty of your creation.

Most of all Lord, thank you for creating us in your image and giving us the ability to create beauty too whether it’s artwork, design technology, architecture or music.

Forgive us Lord, when we have taken this world for granted. Forgive us when we have been thoughtless and selfish.

Help us and guide us to look after your creation for you, and for our future generations. Remind us to not be wasteful and damaging. Give us wisdom to make the right choices when it comes to looking after each other and our world.

In Jesus’ name.


The service gave us all time to reflect, to be grateful for the food we are so fortunate to have, to give and the good feeling that generosity and kindness gives and to say thank you.

Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

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