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Welcome to the class webpage for the ladybird class.

Autumn Term 2018 We are going to be starting our year by exploring space! We will be learning all about the planets, moon, stars and rockets. The children will have the opportunity to explore our space stations in the classrooms and they can blast off with a good book in our reading spaceship and rocket. We will be reading fiction and non-fiction texts including ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’ and ‘Whatever Next’.

Spring Term 2019
In Ladybird Class this term, we are going to be exploring the topic ‘Adventures Around the World’. Following on from our ‘Beach day’, the children will be learning about different types of holidays including camping and the seaside. There will also be opportunities for the children to learn about different cultures and countries around the world including China and Italy. To continue to promote a love of reading, children will be encouraged to explore a range of reading texts within our topic and we will be thinking about why books are so special. Please click on the mindmap below to find out more about what we will be learning about this term. FS mindmap- Spring Term 2019
Summer Term 2019
This term, in Ant Class, our theme is ‘Fairy Tales’. We will be learning lots of different stories, how to retell them verbally, through role play and through writing. There will be lots of cross- curricular links between these fairy tales and maths to help them understand new concepts such as sharing and aspects of shape, space and measure such as time. We will also be using fairy tales as our starting point in both art and DT, where the children will be creating their own junk model castle fit or a prince or princess. 
Click on our curriculum map below for further information about our learning this term.