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Starting School September 2021

Welcome to our webpage for children starting school September 2021.


We have lots of opportunities for the children to visit school throughout the year to aid their transition into school. If your child attends one of the pre-schools in the village, information will be passed to you through the pre-school. If your child does not attend a village pre-school, please contact us and we will ensure that all the relevant details of events are emailed to you.

Discovery Days are aimed at children who are starting school in September 2021 They give the children opportunities to visit our Foundation Stage unit with their pre-school and work alongside our current Foundation Stage children. If your child does not attend one of the local pre-schools, please do get in touch with us as we run a parent/carer session 2.30-3.15pm on the day for those not able to attend with our pre-schools. Foundation Stage teachers and pre-school leaders work together to plan some exciting activities for all the children to share in together.

My child, who is the youngest in the year, was fully prepared to start school due to the fantastic transition provided by the school.

The Bright Start sessions were fabulous! I can’t believe how easy transition has been thanks to the staff!

My child came to all of the Discovery Days with their friends.  He has settled in so well and loves coming to school

Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

Tel: 01673 860339