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Year 1 Art Project- Van Gogh

Year 1 Art Project

Below are a series of tasks for an art project for this term.  It is suggested that you aim to complete 1 or 2 tasks per week, although you are free to work through each of the tasks  at your own pace. Please submit each part of your project as you work through the tasks. 

Task 1 Finding out about the Artist

Have a look at the powerpoint below to find out more information about Van Gogh.

Van Gogh information powerpoint

Create a mini biography about Van Gogh. The writing frame below might help you to set out your ideas.

Mini biography writing frame


Task 2 Exploring his work

Have a look at the 3 paintings below
















What medium do you think were used to create them?

What colours did he use?

At what point in Van Gogh’s life do you think he created them and why?

What might have inspired him?

What do you think to the paintings? Which is your favourite? Why?

Which is you least favourite? Why?


Task 3 Exploring texture

What does “texture” mean? How do you think Van Gogh creates texture in his paintings? If you ran your finger over the painting, how do you think it might feel?

Run your hand over different surfaces and objects in your home. How many different textures can you find?

Choice of task

  • Take photographs of the different textures and present your photos, which you should label onto a piece of A4 paper or perhaps you can create your work electronically. Please upload
  • a photograph of your A4 paper or
  • your electronic document

to see saw


  1. Create a texture board, take a photograph of it and upload it to see saw

Task 4 Sketch Book Task

Experiment with using texture in art. You might like to scrunch different papers, fabrics, materials in your home e.g. scrunched foil (or Easter egg wrappers), kitchen roll, tissue and apply colour over them.

Create an art texture board to display your samples.


Take a photograph of your texture board and upload this to see saw.

Task 5- Final piece

Create a “night sky” using different textures in the style of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

Use the ideas that you have explored in your sketch book task to create your own “Starry Night” Please take a photograph of your final piece and upload it to see saw

Task 6 Evaluation

Evaluate your work

What did you like about your piece?

What went well?

What didn’t go as you had planned?

If you were to embark on the task again, what would you do differently?

Task 7

Have a go at creating a different piece of Van Gogh’s artwork – one that has inspired you…










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