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Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!

We are so excited for the amazing year ahead we have many wonderful things planned for us all to enjoy. This term we will be learning about Roman Lincoln through our history and some English lessons. We will be investigating questions like…How do we know the Romans came to Lincoln? what did the Romans leave behind? Why did the Romans come to Lincoln? In DT and art we will be looking at Georgie O’Keeffe and investigating and making aprons, we made some volunteers to come in and help, at a social distance 😉. In geography we will be looking at volcanoes and investigating questions just like in our history.

Don’t forget to keep revising the knowledge organisers and recording all the reading On seesaw or in the inspiration stations.

Any worries or concerns please come and speak to one of us or if it is a longer conversation that is needed email at enquiries and we will call



Headteacher: Mrs N Gough

Tel: 01673 860339