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Year 4

We have been so excited to welcome everyone back after such a long time away and everyone has settled back into their learning brilliantly. Within the first two days, the Year 4 children had already written their own kennings based on our class animals and we are now beginning our first English narrative writing unit inspired by the video clip ‘The Lucky Dip’. This has allowed the children to think about their experiences of going to the fairground or visiting an arcade at the beach.

In maths, we have picked up where the children left off last year with fractions. So far we have been understanding what an equivalent fraction is and using this to help compare and order fractions.

We also have lots of exciting new topics that we are just beginning. In science, we will be looking at science and investigating how different sounds are made, as well as how they travel to our ears. Whereas in geography we will be comparing Lincoln and London and studying the changes that have occurred in both cities over time. After a few weeks we will also begin our new history topic – Benin. This was introduced for the first time last year and gave us an interesting insight into African culture.

Art and DT have also grabbed the children’s imagination and will let them experience different elements of each which they have previously not experienced. Throughout our first term of art, the children will be learning all about architecture – understanding what it is and comparing buildings of past architect Christopher Wren, to the modern stylings of Norman Foster and Renzo Piano, both of whom have revolutionised buildings on London’s skyline. Sticking with the theme of buildings and structures, the children will then be having a go at designing and creating their own pulley/lever system whereby they will be tasked with transporting an object from one place to another (like their very own cable car).

Finally, in RE we will be looking at celebrations of different religions and cultures; as well as commemoration and how it is important to remember the people who have left us. MSP will be joining us to teach the children football of Friday and we will be using our improving map skills to practise orienteering in our Tuesday PE lesson.

It is sure to be a busy term!



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