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Year 4

Autumn Term

In Year 4 this year we have an exciting new topic where will be looking at the kingdom of Benin. Through this we will be looking at how their culture compares to ours and how our two nations have developed from the 1700s to today. In geography we will be focusing on comparisons between Lincoln and London and the similarities and differences between these two cities. Alongside this we will be helping the children to locate some of the key countries and capital cities around Europe. Both of these topics will feed through our art and DT which will give the children opportunities to study the architecture of buildings in Lincoln and London before having a go at sketching in the style of famous architects and later, using pulleys and levers to build different structures.Excitingly, all Year 4 children will have some fantastic events to look forward to this year. Over the first two terms, all children will be taught how to play the djembe by professional drummers as part of our music lessons. Then, later in the year, they will have their first residential at Rand Farm, before working with the Year 3s in the Summer term to put on their concert.

Spring Term

In Year 4 this term we are looking forward to our trip to Rand Farm Park and our next Collective Worships. In lessons we will be starting to look at Changing States of Matter in Science and linking this to our Geography topic – the Water Cycle. In these we will be investigating how water changes between the three different states and then making comparisons between the levels of rainfall in Lincoln and Benin. Speaking of Benin, we will begin to delve deeper into the history of the people, including some of the important individuals, a closer look at the kingdom and how this all came to an end.

As we get ever closer to our Times Tables tests in the Summer term, we will be continuing to have lots of practise on our multiplication recall, as well as learning how to solve increasingly tricky problems that involve both this and division. Meanwhile, in English, we will be improving our letter writing skills, linking to the text of Peter Rabbit, before using a picture book ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ as a stimulus for a recount – again linking back to the Water Cycle.

Finally, in our Art, DT and Music topics there will be a lot of links to Benin. In Art we will be creating a wash before using computers to create a shadow foreground to stick on top of it, while in DT we are making African jewellery. Music will see a group coming in to teach the children about African drumming.


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